Technical Information

Hot Dip Zinc Galvanising

This process is commonly used in the agricultural business to protect feeding troughs, gates etc. The item is totally immersed in a bath of boiling hot zinc.

This is simply the best protection than can possibly be given to such items.

After galvanising , most work is usually painted for cosmetic reasons but if left unpainted it will last for years and years with no maintenance. This treatment also has the advantage that where items such as legs are made of tube, the galvanising also coats internally.

Other suppliers of external ironwork may not offer galvanising ; this is usually because it involves two trips to the galvanisers and a delay in receiving payment.

The advantages of this process far outweigh the inconvenience and delay!


After galvanising, the work will usually require painting. This is best delayed for about one month at the minimum. This allows the galvanising to lose some of its shine and allows the paint to adhere better.