Bracket Designs

All poles are provided with two standard brackets; these are included in the prices shown on finial page.

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Standard Bracket

These are approximately 7" deep and the back of the pole sits approximately 2.5" away from the wall; this can be altered F.O.C. if required.

Two of these are included with every pole ordered at the standard price

More bracket designs below!


The following alternatives are also available to suit specific circumstances, some may carry a small extra charge.

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Centre Bracket

To be used as a centre bracket or in a situation where limited vertical space is available i.e. fitting to a batten or architrave. The back plate is approximately 4" long and 1.5" deep.

When supplied as a centre bracket these cost £8.00 each (not charged for 27mm poles over 10').

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Offset Centre Bracket

These are used at each end of the pole, and useful when fitting to a horizontal beam or existing batten. They are offset so that the back plate is behind the pole and does not appear behind the finial.

Offsetting also allows the full width of the batten or beam to be used, thus allowing the curtains to clear the window better. They are often made with a shorter projection to compensate for the thickness of the batten. Please state if this is required. These are charged at £8 per pair added to the standard price.

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Recess Bracket

Used where a pole has to fit between two walls. The pole simply drops into the "u" shape.

Bracket can be made with one hole above and one hole below (as shown) or both holes below, (depth will be approx. 6") please confirm choice.

Please note it is not safe to use these singly. In this case please see side bracket below.

No additional charge.

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Side Bracket

Used where a bracket has to butt up to a side wall or beam. The bracket is screwed to the side wall and the pole is slid onto the stub.

The mounting plate is approximately 7" deep this can be made any size or shape to suit your particular requirements.

These are rarely practical to use in pairs; if one is required, please use with either a standard bracket, or centre bracket.

No additional charge

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Angle Bracket

These can be used to clear a coving, picture rail or other obstruction.

They can be made to any clearance you desire, please supply a drawing showing the dimensions required.

They will usually be used in pairs, please add £10.00 per pair if required as a replacement to standard brackets.

To ensure a perfect fit certain measurements will be required.


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Voile Bracket

These can carry two poles and can be made to your individual requirements.

Many options are available, please phone to discuss.

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Corner Bracket

These can be very useful when an "L" shape pole is required and can be made to any size required. Many corner poles can be supported in the centre with a standard or centre bracket. But in certain situations this design can be very useful.

Any of the above brackets can be used at either end of the pole.

Charged at £15.00 each


From my experiences over the years these brackets will provide a solution to most problems that can occur. Should you come up with other ideas please contact us.

To discuss your requirements or place an order please phone

01260 224362 between 9am and 6.30pm