About Siddington Smithy

ShowroomSiddington Smithy is a wonderful old blacksmiths forge built circa.1750. It also comprises an adjoining Cottage built in the early 1800's. Since being established it has operated as a blacksmiths serving the local residents and farming community.

When I took over in 2000 the premises were in a rather poor condition and were a bit of a local eyesore. However, this offered a superb opportunity to create a unique showcase for my work and a wonderful place to bring up a family.

ShowroomOriginally I qualified as a commercial property surveyor but I felt the ironwork was much more satisfying. And for the previous 10 years or more had been concentrating on made to order interior furniture.The Smithy was an ideal property in which to continue my work. The move here has also allowed me to continue the tradition of working for the local farming community.

I have also produced a number of interesting works for Capesthorne Hall; n 18th century Jacobean-style house in East Cheshire .

The latest project is an19ft high very ornate iron gazebo to be sited in the centre of the lawn by the lakeside. This is an amazing ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of project; photographs of the development of this structure will be appearing on the website soon.

ShowroomWhilst designing and producing the furniture I was often asked to produce complementary curtain poles. Whilst I felt these were not particularly interesting they have been very well received, and have been used in many interesting properties both in the UK and abroad.

As the Smithy premises have now been overhauled and the children are sleeping at night I am now able to offer curtain poles on the internet. Due to the individual nature of the furniture, many of these items are only available to customers who can visit the Smithy to discuss their individual requirements.

We hope you enjoy our site. Thanks, Pete.

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