About Our Wrought Iron Curtain Poles & FAQ

We hope this site has been useful and has been a change from the more commercially made poles available.
Whilst larger companies pick boxes off shelves to make up your order, our poles are made to your individual selection at our wonderful Smithy.

Over recent years I have sold hundreds of curtain poles all by recommendation. I am sure you will be pleased with your choice.

All poles are made to order and are available in three diameters: 22mm, 27mm and 33mm.

The pole is made from thick walled tubing, (2.5 or 3 mm) thus giving the best possible strength to weight ratio.
22mm poles will span up to 2 metres unsupported, 27mm poles will span up 2.5 to 3 metres unsupported and the 33mm will span 3 meters unsupported. Centre brackets will be supplied free of charge for poles in excess of these lengths. For poles in excess of these lengths, which cannot use a centre bracket please phone.

A feature of my poles is the quality and detail of the finials; these are heavier than other lesser quality poles. Finials are removable, but are very securely fitted. As such they are guaranteed not to fall off or sag.

Brackets are made from 5mm thick mild steel which will not bend however heavy the curtains may be.
The pole will be spaced 65mm away from the wall but this can be altered (F.O.C.) to suit your needs.
Standard brackets come with two fixing holes, should you feel that you require additional fixing holes (at no extra cost) please state when ordering.

Rings are steel and free running; they are supplied four per every 300mm of pole. More are available if required.

Tie backs are available for all finials shown, they all feature a finial approx. half the size used on the pole. The only exception is the celtic design which is complementary and really does work well ( the finial is so heavy it would be impractical to use it on a tie back). The tie back can be made to any size requested and does not affect the price please supply overall length and depth from wall or if you wish leave it to my judgment. (If you wish to do so, please give an idea of weight of fabric interlining etc.

Should you wish me to supply fixings at no extra cost I am happy to do so.
Please state type of fixings required in the additional information box on the order form.
(If you are unsure of fixings needed, please contact us to discuss your requirements).

Postage & Packing

The following postal charges will be applied:

  • One or two poles £10.00   
  • Three or more poles £15.00   

The above prices are for a next day service; this covers most of the country. Scottish Highlands and Isle of Wight etc. will incur a small surcharge; please enquire.

Please see below for more delivery information.

We can deliver poles of any length up to 3.15 metres; poles above this length would need to be done in two sections with an invisible join behind centre bracket.

Curtain Poles FAQ

How come your poles are so cheap?
Should our poles appear to be rather cheap in comparison it is simply because there is no middle man, you are paying for the pole not the packaging, marketing costs etc. At present we are able to supply poles without having to charge Vat.

Would the pole be better made from solid bar?
Definitely not; solid bar is obviously heavier and subject to bend under its own weight. The only advantage is that it is cheaper to buy! If required I can provide poles from 12mm or 16mm solid bar but only for short lengths

How do I order?
Please phone 01260 224362   07973 529860 to make payment by card (this is our preferred method) or order online and receive payment request via paypal.
Should you wish to discuss your order please phone above numbers between 9am and 6.30pm.

 What is the delivery time?
Poles will usually be ready for despatch within 5 working days. If a more urgent timescale is required we may be able to help. If delivery date is important please phone first to check we can meet your deadlines. When the pole is ready for despatch, we will email you to offer a proposed delivery day and ask for you to reply. Delivery is usually next day, but due to covid cannot be guaranteed. The email also contains instructions about receiving and checking the consignment. A copy of this can be requested before ordering goods.

We will always contact you prior to despatch, your order will not be forwarded without your knowledge.

Orders can be despatched in a number of ways, depending on size, weight etc. Most are sent by a national courier company and on a next day service. We will confirm the service to be used when the order is taken. We are able to provide tracking details and usually a 2 hour delivery window as provided by the couriers. It is our preferred option to request a signature from you, but if more convenient this can be left at a neighbour's, or left without a signature. Alternatively, we can request that items can be left in sheds, porches etc. If a request is made for a non-signed delivery please note we cannot accept responsibility should a loss occur.

Once the collection is booked with the couriers, we can provide consignment details and tracking facilities you can check if required, as well as direct phone numbers to the company. When the delivery date is confirmed we will advise on the number of packages the order consists of, if someone may sign on your behalf i.e. kids, reception staff etc. Please advise them to check number of items and any damage to product or packing. The signature confirms that all items have been received in good condition. Please be sure any problems have been recorded before signing the driver's scanner screen or paperwork.

The above information will assist with the smooth delivery of goods. Please accept these conditions and advice before making an order.

Do you make poles for bay windows ?
Yes, we have made and fitted many. However I do not believe these are practical without visiting the site personally. 90 degree bends are usually simpler, please phone to discuss. There are many factors to consider, please be cautious of anybody who suggests this can be done with a few measurements provided by yourselves! Subject to workload I will consider bay windows if local to the Smithy.

Returns policy.
From past experience and the many repeat customers, I have every confidence that you will be happy with the quality of the pole. In the unlikely event that I make some error this will be rectified ASAP at my expense. Should the pole have been incorrectly ordered, please bear in mind all poles are individually made and as such I can not give any refunds. In this event it would usually be possible to forward replacement parts e.g.  a longer pole or different brackets at a reasonable cost.

Delayed delivery
Should a delay happen do please contact us asap and we will follow it up, but some assistance will be required as it is difficult to make alternative arrangements on your behalf. If a delay occurs please allow 5 working days for delivery, after this we will arrange a replacement at the earliest oppurtunity. I am bound by the terms and conditions of the couriers and should a delay occur, I cannot be held responsible for any consequential losses (time, inconvenience additional expenses etc.)